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Embrace Health for Life

Embracing health with the best quality and formulation. This statement has always been upheld by YesNutri ever since its establishment. Not only do we strive for satisfaction of the market and consumers, we also take a proactive role in improving product quality to tackle for sub-health status of urbanite. Our products are classified into 9 categories according to the functions, ingredients or target groups. You can easily find the best-fit products for yourself, your family and friends.

The brand logo is a conceptual representation of leaves radiating from the centre, symbolizing the diversity of products and broad spectrum of functions in the booming health industry. Leaf blade shapes are representation of the plant elements: life, growth, health, and flourishing, conveying the message “Embrace Health for Life”. Leaves emerging and proliferating from the centre are analogy for vibrating life, healthy development and business growth. Lawn green leaf blades remind you of the breath and nurture of the nature. The rings of leaves are pushing outward echo with prosperous business growth.

The Story

Birth of YesNutri

YesNutri is specialized in wholesale, marketing, sales and management of pharmaceutical and health food products. The company has developed extensive supply network and gained sound reputation in the market. YesNutri’s products are manufactured in overseas countries such as Europe, U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand. The products are of best quality and reliable. The nine product series provide all-round care for health. YesNutri is committed to actualize our slogan “Always care, with you!”, in which we will accompany each of our customers throughout different stages of life.

Shape your health. Master your life!


always care, with you !

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Our Products

9 Series for All You Need


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We believe health is the foundation of blessings.

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