According to government statistics, the number of elderly in the past 50 years of sustained average annual growth of 4.8%, the number of elderly people has now exceeded 100 million, and their physical and spiritual health are very worthy of our attention.

1. weather changes

Elderly bodily functions gradually decline, the elderly more difficult to rely on self-regulation body organs, so whenever the weather turns cold, it will be easier to catch cold, suffering Huxijitong problems are more susceptible due to weather change and make the condition worse. As a family, we should remind the elderly to wear enough warm clothing, but should not wear too tight clothes, so as not to affect the blood circulation. And the head, neck and hands and feet warm is very important, so it is best to prepare hats, scarves, gloves, etc. for the elderly to ensure the normal body temperature. The hot summer weather, the elderly because of the feeling of thirst and inactive, resulting in insufficient water intake. Family in the summer should remind them to drink plenty of water or tea, and pay attention to indoor air circulation, to prevent heat stroke occurs.

2. Food too is a blessing

Elderly due to teeth gradually fall off, often encounter difficulties during chewing, coughing or food residues in the mouth, but also affect the absorption of important nutrients. Therefore, we should regularly take the elderly to the dental clinic for dental check-ups, and for the needy elderly prepare a comfortable dentures; calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and other nutrients, can keep their teeth healthy, so that the elderly continue to enjoy the music of the diet .

3. Mental stress

Life and economic changes after retirement, to take care of companion, friend dies, the body will become a source of pressure loss and other elders, they worry that they will become a burden on the family, I feel life is boredom. If these pressures have long been trapped, not only affected the mood, the body is also easy to feel fatigue, insomnia, palpitations and so on. Relatives and friends may encourage them to participate in volunteer activities, and old friends get together, enjoy more free time, do what you love to do.

Of course

family care and care for the elderly are the most in need,and more opportunity to hold and cherish what you have, with your elders around to share emotions with it!
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