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YesNutri Pure Marine Collagen 500


  • Retain moisture and skin firming
  • Keep the skin smooth and elastic
  • Replenish joints and keep cartilage healthy
  • Improve hair quality and thickness
  • Maintain healthy hair and nail

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Product Introduction:

YesNutri Pure Marine Collagen 500 contains collagen, a natural cell renewal element and is crucial for muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones development. Collagen can help retain moisture for skin firming effect. This formula can supplement daily collagen loss to regain skin elasticity and radiance, reduce fine lines and shrink skin pores. Collagen is able to combat skin hyperpigmentation and diminish dark spots. It can simultaneously improve skin, hair and nail health. This formula is suitable for people who seek to restore firm, moist, young and elastic skin.

Product Name:

YesNutri Pure Marine Collagen 500

Pack Size:

60 Capsules

Place of Origin:

New Zealand


Each capsule contains:

Marine Collagen



Adult: Take 1 capsule 2 times daily. Use lukewarm water to avoid damaging the structure of collagen.


Who should take Marine Collagen?
Up to 30% of protein in the body is collagen and up to 70% of the protein in the dermis and connective tissues are composed of collagen. It contributes to the composition of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone, skin & blood vessels. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. With the sufficient amount of collagen, muscles and connective tissues can naturally repair themselves by reproducing their own type of tissues.

Starting from the age of 25, your collagen level reduces by about 1.5% every year as part of the aging process. Reduced level of collagen is especially noticeable because the skin loses its elasticity and becomes prone to sagging with age. This reduction in collagen also leads to fatigue of our body, pain in the joints and muscles and extension of recovery time from injuries. By the age of 45, collagen level in our body will reduce by 30%. The amount of collagen and health status are the vital factors to cause our skin aging.

Importance of Marine Collagen
Collagen is essential for normal growth and development of muscles, tendons and bones. It provides the strength and elasticity that our body tissues required to stretch and recoil. Studies have shown that marine collagen can effectively supply our body with collagen. Not only is this beneficial to our muscles and joints, it also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

Natural Resources Safe to use
Marine collagen is a protein derived from the substance found on fish scales. This product contains high quality collagen which is sourced from unpolluted deep sea fish in New Zealand.

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