Health is priceless. Nowadays, people take health as their priority concern. Elderly are the treasure of every family. Their health conditions are our main concern because this is the main responsibility as son and daughter. The following tips can assist you to take care of you elderly.

  • More vegetable and less fat
    The rate of metabolism is gradually decreasing due to the age. If the diets for the elderly contain high contents of fat will increase the risk of high blood pressure, high blood lipid and high cholesterol. The risk of cardiovascular disease will also be increased. Therefore, we should encourage elders to choose a low fat meal and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to enhance absorption of nutrients and boost the immunity.
  • Mental health
    Life style will have an instant change after retirement which will give a huge pressure to the elderly as they cannot adapt the new life style easily. After their retirement, they may have wrong concept on they will become the burden of their family. Emotional fluctuation may occur due to the elderly under stress for a long period of time and lead to some health issues like fatigue, low immunity and so on. Therefore, family members should encourage them to participate in different activities and expand their social zone. Explore new hobbies and interact with different people can promote mental health and maintain a positive feeling.
  • Sudden weather change
    The weather may sudden change throughout the day. Elderly will get cold easier than adult because the immunity of elderly is weaker and their body cannot easily adapt the sudden change of temperature. The risk of respiratory disease is also increased. In cold weather, family members should remind the elderly to keep warm on their head and limbs with scarves or gloves. In hot weather, family members should ensure the elderly is fully hydrated and in a good circulation environment to avoid heat stroke.